Summary of the Feburary

What happend in Feburary?

  • I was attending Wellbeing 1on1 Meetings with an expert that help me to organize my thoughts
  • I am doing a 1on1 Meeting with another expert that is helping me to create Expert visibility on the market
  • I am learning English using Cambly (I want to improve my English skills and use it as good as natives does)
  • I am trying to do more stuff/hobbies outside computers, limit my work only to working hours
  • I am learning to play the guitar, but I am doing this alone using Yousician (currently I am on level 4 - out of 10)
  • My wife organized me a 3 days workshop as a birthday present and it was fantastic! The whole weekend I was cooking for my friends and I enjoyed that! I am doing a much more delicious food that my wife like, and she is very hard to satisfy in this area (she has a very sensitive smell, taste, and issues with her stomach). Long time ago I read “Cooking for Geeks” by Jeff Potter, but I still didn’t put knowleade from this book into the practice… I need to change that!
  • I signed for a edx course called u.lab: Leading From the Emerging Future. It ends on 26th of May, I want to check my self-knowledge, improve my dialogue skills, and learn a new ways to help others in my company, team and society.

生き甲斐 (Ikigai)

I am constantly looking for new challenges!
I gain my knowledge through self-education. On a daily basis, I create iOS applications and unusual internet applications together with my team of I also conduct original programming trainings.