Michał Dziadkowiec

    Michał Dziadkowiec

    I am an iOS Geek Developer & Apple fan at heart and programming coach with passion. I am also CTO at smartview360.com and I am the founder of artisans.io - the team of humble specialists that love what they do!

    Geek Developer & Apple Fan

    I started programing using Turbo Pascal when I was 8 years old. I quickly learn Assembler and Delphi, but I didn’t like the limitation of controls in Win32, so I moved my focus to graphics design. I enjoyed drawings in Photoshop with my Wacom Tablet, creating vector graphics in CorelDraw, and other DTP work using PageMaker and InDesign. In high school, I even learn 3ds Max and other 3D modeling tools, while I was looking for my specialty. In 2007 I bought my first MacBook and I started directly learning Xcode 3.0.0 together with Objective-C and I fell in love with it!

    WorkShops & Trainings

    As a student of University of Science & Technology, I was a Chair Man of MacKN where I gave open lectures about iPhone Apps Development. After that, I started providing close workshops for the biggest tech companies in Poland. I was providing trainings for companies like Allegro, Comarch, and Volvo IT. My trainings were about Modern Web Apps Development (topics related to HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript) and iPhone Development (in both Objective-C since 2008 and Swift since 2015).

    Knowleadge & Experience

    I gain my knowledge through self-education and conduct my own training on these topics. I drop-out of university after my third year, because I wanted to focus on providing my workshops. Through various smaller companies, I was able to develop mobile and web apps for companies like P&G, Breitling, or SBB. In my workshops, I often used examples based on real projects to make sure that trainings are the most interesting.

    CTO & iOS Lead Developer

    Around 2014 I was a freelancer that was developing the first version of SmartView360’s iOS app. Then I was hired full-time (thanks to seedmatch investments) and on 2015-01-06 we had a first meeting in my parent’s house, where I began to build a development team. I mostly focus on frontend development, management, and team building, but I was also co-creating all necessary aspects to help this early start-up thrive. Currently, as artisans.io we continue to provide full development services to Smartview360 where we created software products like OrderBOOK, VoteBOOK, and WorkBOOK that are now used in companies like BMW, Shimano, Karl Lagerfeld, and 100 others.

    Team Leader & Apprentice

    As a craftsman, I deeply believe that willingness to develop and learn is the most important attribute of a person. I think a lot about my life and my real purpose in this world. I mostly spend time on self-development which is one of my greatest passion. I love to share my own experience in learning with others by leading my own software development company. Currently, I am learning not only by myself but also from great people and my mentors that I highly admire. My efforts are documented on my personal website.