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Blog reactivation

I created my first blog in 2005. I published several posts, but I was a very shame of what I wrote. Nevertheless, from my readers, I was able to gain new friendships that widen my perspective on the World so, in retrospect, it was all very good for me.

Therefore, I thought that I will reactivate this blog and 2010, then in 2015, then in 2019, etc. but all those attempts failed.

Now I have not only motivation, but I also have a plan for that.

I will reserve time in my calendar strictly for writing and I will publish weekly some of my thoughts.

The most important part is that I will have a Mentor/Guru/Guide that will help me to deliver this plan. Ash Furrow is a world-class software developer that I highly admire. I humbly asked him for his time&knowleadge to help me grow as a person, team leader, and software developer. He agreed only under one condition. That I will publish my efforts publicly.

I directly said yes, because I truly believe that it could help others too. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others. I like providing trainings and teaching others, however, I almost always feel very unprepared and I always have self-doubts (even Ash mentioned that his blog post).

Only closest to me, people know that I am a very big introvert. I just prefer to be alone and to try to learn and solve everything by myself. I was already quite successful in plenty of different topics by doing this so far. I also know that I am in a very good situation because my whole life I was working very hard, very often even up to 16 hours a day to say that:

  • I am independent (one of the most important values for me),
  • I have an amazing wife, that is the most important person in my life
  • I am working with people that I can trust

I am working full-time remotely since 2010 when this kind of work wasn’t so popular. I was providing trainings for the biggest tech companies in Poland and I was receiving very positive feedback afterward. Some of my trainees/beginners are now successful Senior Developers in well-recognized tech companies.

However, in the last few months, I was preparing myself for the hardest challenge for me. To step out from my comfort zone, to go outside, and be more open to different possibilities outside my four walls.

I really would like to grow as a person, team leader, and software developer. That’s why I asked Ash for help and that’s why I reactivate this blog. I wanted to do it a long time ago, but finally, I have real goals and a plan to achieve that. Keep your fingers crossed!

生き甲斐 (Ikigai)

I am constantly looking for new challenges!
I gain my knowledge through self-education. On a daily basis, I create iOS applications and unusual internet applications together with my team of artisans.io. I also conduct original programming trainings.